Bird Pirates

Bird Pirates is a very nicely designed marble shooter game
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Bird Pirates is a very nicely designed marble shooter game. Just like the name suggests, the overall artwork and story revolve around birds who happen to be pirates. The main goal in the game is to match the birds colors, thus eliminating them from the wires, and also to obtain a high score.

As you would expect from the games of this type, the story isn't very interesting. It's mostly designed to give a funnier overall aspect, and expand on the idea of birds being pirates.

It doesn't have many difficulty modes, however the levels are so well designed that the game can appeal to all kinds of players. For example, someone who is looking for a challenge might try to obtain a score as high as possible by creating large combos and not missing a single shot. While casual players will be more focused on finishing the levels.

The gameplay is pretty straight-forward. Birds come in waves and walk on a wire, which in earlier levels is more linear, but as you progress it gets more entangled. You need to shoot the bird from your cannon and create a line of at least 3 birds of the same color. What makes this game different, is that the birds aren't going to attach themselves to the existing wave of birds, which can result in creating a bigger line. But rather, they will replace an already existing bird. Another nice feature the game offers are power-ups. Some will pause the whole line of birds, others will help you aim better, among many others. These really make the game a lot more fun, since they vary a lot and can definitely help in creating huge high scores.

Ultimately Bird Pirates is a very fun game to play. I enjoyed it, and I'm sure it can entertain all types of players.

DN Senior editor
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  • Many power-ups
  • Nice combo system
  • A lot of achievements
  • Easy to play
  • Funny story


  • Gameplay can get repetitive after a while


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